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Study Abroad

Arabic Language and Culture Course / دورة اللغة والثقافةالعربية
June 14 – July 12 2024
Asilah, Morocco 
The Course In brief 

Arabic Language and Culture Course  will provide intensive 4 week summer classes to  participants. By making full use of the in-country setting by maximizing student language socialization through access to both professionally trained native speakers at the school and members of the host community at large. The Course boasts a rigorous and innovative curriculum that promotes an integrated approach to Arabic language and cultural studies

Highly qualified staff with vast experience in delivery world class Arabic language classes in different international settings. The course combines between intensive Arabic classes, field trips and a rich cultural experience

Course Structure 

– Intensive three-hour  daily classes 

– Extra Curricular activities 

– Field Trips to historical and cultural sites 

– Cultural and historical  Seminars 

– Engagement with local community 

– Assessment of progress via quizzes and tests 


The course will start on June 14 and will end on the on the 12 2024  of July

Learning Outcomes 

At the end of the course, students would have acquired Arabic language skills and cultural and historical knowledge on the region to be able: 

– To read 

– To write 

– Pronounce 

– Understand while listening 

– To efficiently engage with local communities in social  and professional settings 

– To be prepared to advance their understanding on cultural and historical background of the region 

Who should attend? 

The course is for students and professionals who are pursuing or wish to pursue a career in one of these fields with specialization in Middle East or North Africa : 

– Humanitarian 

– Diplomatic Service 

– International business 

– Military and intelligence services 

– Research and Academia 

Why Attend?

– World class program

– Delivered by highly qualified professionals 

– Arabic language and culture knowledge  provide a significant boast for professional advancement 

– The importance of the region in international political , economic and cultural events of the world in the foreseeable future 

– Unique cultural experience through field trips and excursions to different sites 

– Networking opportunities with other students, staff, local community and guest speakers that are valuable for their career 

Course Tuition fee 

The international flights to and from Morocco are not included in the program fee.  The flight booking and fees are the responsibility of the participant. 

The program fee of $4,000.00 (U.S. dollars) includes the following:

– Classes: 15 hours a week of classroom instruction for four weeks (Monday through Friday).

– A private furnished apartment

– Two separate weekend excursions outside of Asilah (includes transportation and a total of four nights of hotel accommodation).

– Transportation to and from the international airport in Tangier, Morocco: Tangier Ibn Battouta International Airport. 


Students will be housed in individual apartments throughout their entire stay with the program.
We will also aim to link students directly into the Asilah community, and we will match each
student with a host family as part of an effort to have students experience daily life in a

Moroccan family. Students will spend a minimum of one afternoon every other week with host
families, and there is flexibility for students to spend more time on weekends with their families,
depending on schedules

Host City

The course will take place in Asilah which is a small city in the North of Morocco. Asilah’s
history stretches back to 3500 years. It is a very interesting blend of laid back cultural and
touristic city known for it beaches. It is also a natural harbor that has been used by many groups
throughout the centuries including the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Byzantines, Romans, Arabs,
Normans, and Portuguese. Today it is a popular tourist destination, that tourists and travelers of
all sorts can appreciate from the brightly decorative murals on building walls to the long walks
by the sea . Asilah is characterized by its relaxing pace of life, and a series of cultural festivals
that have made Asilah one of the great cultural centers of the Muslim world.

Program Director

Youniss El Cheddadi

Youniss El Cheddadi holds two lecturer positions of Arabic at the University of California in San
Diego and at San Diego State University. In addition to teaching Arabic, Youniss specializes in
Arabic curriculum design. He is the author of the Arabic Language through Dialogue, textbook
language series. Youniss El Cheddadi is actively involved in study abroad. He was the academic
director of the critical language scholarship in Rabat, Morocco (2013-2015). He is the founding
director of Asilah Cultural Exchange (ACE), an educational non-profit based in Asilah,
Morocco, with the mission of promoting intercultural communication through hosting study

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